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The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence.
~ Rabindranath Tagore

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Study Lu Jong

Lu Jong Literally means "Training or Transformation of the Body" which is an apt description for this practice which has historic roots in Bon (the indiginous shamanic religion of TIbet) and the Tantrayana teachings of the main lineages of Tibetan Buddhism (Nyingma, Gelug, Kagyu and Sakya).
The main purpose of Lu Jong is to open the chakras and channels of the body on a physical as well as the more subtle energetic levels. This is achieved by the repetition of simple movements coordinated with the breath. The unique combination of Form and Movement have a direct effect upon the activation inner energy, increasing physical and mental strength, and creating a calm state of mind.

We specify this form as being in the lineage of Tulku Lobsang because he was the first to adapt and simplify these movements, for the greatest ease of learning, without losing any of the healthful benefits they are meant to impart. You will learn a concise set of movements carefully selected from years of studies with masters of the different Tibetan Buddhist lineages and his knowledge of Tibetan Medicine.

Lu Jong has two levels and a total of 38 movements divided into several groups according to their benefits. It is considered to be the foundation and preparation for further Tibetan Yoga studies.
The practice is accesible to all people regardless of age, ability or philosophy.

Curriculum - Lu Jong Level I

The 23 movements studied at this level are focused on Healing and Balance. They are uncomplicated and introspective intiating the process of 'training the body and mind'.
We learn how to bring our attention to 'feeling' the movements, inside and out, thus bringing our awareness into the present moment.
Lu Jong Level 1 is divided into four primary groups with movements focusing on specific purposes:

  • The Five Elements Movements
  • The Five Body Parts Movements
  • The Five Vital Organ Movements
  • The Six Common Conditions Movements
  • And Two Movements for Sleep and Wakefulness

The Five Elements Movements are sufficient to be a stand alone practice or can be a part of a larger regimen. All the poses naturally flow from one to the next, so it is best to do them in order within each group.

Curriculum - Lu Jong Level II

Moving into a greater exploration of Lu Jong Yoga, the 15 Level 2 movements are a more in depth journey into deeper levels of healing. The idea is that we 'Grow into our Practice' with a strong focus on Strength and Vitality.
Lu Jong Level 2 is divided into three groups with very specific benefits:

  • Movements to increase Resistance to Disease
  • Movements to Reduce Pain in specific parts of the Body
  • Movements to Increase Strength & Power of Body and Mind

In sum, Lu Jong is a profoundly beneficial practice that helps to jumpstart and support our physical and mental well being by shifting our focus toward greater body awareness as we activate and restore balance to our flow of energy.


Trainings - Lu Jong Level I Teacher Training Certification

For many years a direct student of Tulku Lobsang, Joelle Kelly chose to deepen her study of Lu Jong by becoming one of the first certified teachers in North America. She has since been selected by the Master as the North American Teacher Educator to help grow the Western hemisphere's core group of certified Lu Jong teachers.

Kelly is the only Certified Teacher of Lu Jong in the tri-state area and the only Certified Lu Jong Teacher Educator in the Eastern U.S.

Contact Joelle for more information about the upcoming Teacher Certification Programs.



Private and group lessons are available by arrangement. Please contact Joelle to inquire about the availability of open classes & current workshops or to arrange for personalized instruction. Instruction can be tailored to suit your needs and schedule. Click

Discover how easy it is to incorporate this simple and effective practice into your lifestyle.

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History of Lu Jong

LU JONG in Tibetan is a compound word: LU in Tibetan means 'body', and JONG means 'training or transformation'. ---more

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