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A path is made by walking on it. ~ Zhuangzi

The History of Lu Jong

About Lu Jong

LUJONG in Tibetan is a compound word: LU in Tibetan means 'body', and JONG means 'training or transformation'. It is a generic term equivalent to 'exercise' in English. It may be called Yoga, and just like the many different schools of yoga, the common goal is to work with our bodies and minds for a net result of greater health and happiness.

The Lu Jong practice was also born of necessity. Monks who lived in the remoter areas of Tibet needed to keep their bodies healthy. Drawing from observations of the natural environment, and a knowledge of Medicine, Buddhist yogis developed the practice of Lu Jong. Most people are not aware that there is a tradition of physical movements within Tibetan Buddhism.

Lu Jong combines Form and Movement to place and release gentle pressure on particular points of the body, similar to acupressure, whilst quieting the mind so you can focus your attention inward. The combination of form, movement, and rhythmic breathing works on all dimensions of the human body.

This is known as Meditation in Motion.


Benefits of Lu Jong

Physical Level - Combat Disease

The most immediate effect is experienced in your overall physical health and body awareness.
With regular practice we increase our strength, endurance, and most importantly our resistance to diseases.

Metabolic and cellular processes are balanced, senses are heightened, and a general appearance of health glows from within.
The primary area of attention is the spine and its mobility because it is connected to all the other parts of our body. Good spinal health means a strong support system for the body, good posture and good flow of energy. The spine is truly the guardian of our well-being.

Mental Level - Mental Clarity

Body and Mind are synchronized, and by focusing on our movements, we are in fact practicing a type of meditation. The mind is calm because we are concentrating on the present moment; in doing so we begin to feel more stable and confident. All of this is accomplished by controlling HOW we breathe as we move. This vital energy, our breath, is the Bridge between the Body and the Mind.

Energetic Level - Increased Vitality

As we release and open our body, as the mind settles into a greater sense of ease and equilibrium, energy flows more efficiently within us. We FEEL more healthy and in tune with ourselves. The experience is quite open and relaxed, opening our hearts and minds and bringing us a little closer to our Innate Wisdom. To have a supple mind ... you need a supple body.

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History of Lu Jong

LU JONG in Tibetan is a compound word: LU in Tibetan means 'body', and JONG means 'training or transformation'. ---more

Tulku Lobsang

The venerable Tulku Lama Lobsang Rinpoche is a high Buddhist master and renowned doctor of Tibetan medicine. ---more

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